Before you even consider how to interview for success you must think about the timing of a career move…

Major economic uncertainty has most definitely made people more reluctant to change their job, with fears of losing everything outweighing the promise of a better way of life. Nowadays, moving on, and up, can feel like a massive gamble.

But a new job can lead to new financial and social benefits and should therefore always be considered if you think the time is right.

It’s often said that if you don’t feel you can move up or that you feel uninspired by your current position that you should move on. There are a number of tell-tale signs of when it’s the right time to move on in your career:


If you find yourself working on auto pilot, unchallenged by the work you are given, moving on is probably the right choice. Getting stuck in these habits will be detrimental to your career development as you will quickly find yourself uninspired by your work, which will in turn effect your output quality

Learning and skills

Do you feel like you have been pushed by your employer to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities? Be thankful. It’s vitally important, in order to grow, that you are constantly learning new things and taking on new responsibilities as otherwise you will be offered very little chance to move up in your career.

If you feel that your employer isn’t giving you enough attention or training, finding somewhere where you can learn and flourish is most definitely advised.

Lack of company growth

If your current place of work is struggling to make ends meet and you feel like you’re part of a sinking ship, it’s probably a good time to leave. Likewise, If you feel that your potential is being held back by your co-workers and superiors, there is very little reason to hang around.

Unless you feel like you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive for growth and improvement, you can quite quickly fall into a poor work ethic which could in turn affect your employment future.

Work desk image

Work desk by Mattes (PD)


Have you been working year on year without seeing promotions or new opportunities? Maybe you have reached to the top and don’t feel like you can go any further?

Moments like these are one of the best signs that it’s time to move on to greener pastures because lack of movement up the career ladder can hold you back in the short term and damage your long-term prospects.


Do you spend your weekends dreading going back to work? Does the thought of going to work make you feel stressed or even physically ill? There can be a range of factors which can make people feel this way whether it be workload, lack of fulfilment, or abusive co-workers and superiors.

This is a toxic situation and can lead to depression and the damage of meaningful persona relationships. If you often find yourself feeling stressed about the thought of work, it’s probably time for a new job search.

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