The English capital has an embarrassment of riches as far as sources of great Italian food are concerned.

Whether you're looking to share some unpretentious pizza or spaghetti with your family, wine and dine business clients with the most delectable pasta dishes or sample more obscure regional dishes in quirky surroundings, London really does have everything for fans of Italian food.

Of course, it would be impossible for us to definitively state the best of the best, but the below list should give you a sense of what's out there for you as a London resident.

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Zafferano Restaurant, Belgravia

If it really is the very best, most wholesome Italian dishes that you seek – encompassing the likes of Roast 'Fiorentina' T-Bone Steak with herb salad, or lobster and langoustine sautéed with 'samphire' –  you really can't beat this award winning establishment.

A mainstay of London's exclusive Belgravia area since 1995, Zafferano also offers an elegant bar, with its own menu comprising various regional Italian favourites.

L'Anima, the City

Bordering the City and Shoreditch on Snowden Street is this highly inviting and refined restaurant that takes 'soul' so seriously, it is even named after the Italian word for it.

That word also gives you a sense of what to expect – Southern-influenced cuisine with plenty of character, bringing the infectious vibes of Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia to your plate. The menu at L'Anima changes on a seasonal basis and the setting could hardly exude more understated sophistication, having been designed by fabled architect Claudio Silvestrin.

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Sardo, Fitzrovia

The next time you're in Fitzroy Square, take the few steps to this Italian restaurant that is already gaining a serious reputation for serving the most consummately prepared Sardinian cuisine. Even the chef is Sardinian, so you can expect true authenticity.

With starters including the likes of thin-sliced sun-dried fillet of tuna on a bed of fresh French beans and sun-dried tomatoes, and the mains encompassing such options as grilled swordfish with rucola and tomato, Sardo has literally all of the ingredients of a truly up-and-coming, must-visit Sardinian restaurant.

Fabrizio Highgate Hill

Piling on the charm for visitors from the affluent suburbs of North London and far beyond, this N19 restaurant is run by Fabrizio himself, who as a child, worked in his father's Rome restaurant before eventually making a name for himself at La Gaffe in Hampstead.

Fabrizio therefore enjoys a longstanding following among lovers of Italian cuisine, who regularly drop in at his current establishment for his sharing-friendly speciality – a metre-long pizza with four toppings chosen by the customer.

What do you think of the above Italian eateries? Have you tried them, or are there others that you would like to suggest? Feel free to contribute your thoughts below, or if you'd like to continue reading, peruse TimeOut's guide to the 100 best Italian restaurants in London.

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