The amount of gold that was held by countries in the last half of 2014 was nearly 32,000 tonnes. You will find that the most westernised and economically powerful countries in the world hold gold in their central bank reserves, but why do they do this?

When a country's currency and their economy is hit hard, you also see a decline in the country's stock markets and investments (it can also have an impact globally). However, one investment stock that is not damaged by a down-turning economy is gold. You will find that gold actually performs better in times of economic crisis – if you follow gold as an investment commodity within your own investment portfolio, you will find that typically when the dollar is down then the demand for gold increases and so does it's price.

Gold Bars (PD)It's the same for countries. The more gold that a country has in it's central bank(s), the more it is insured against an economic crisis, any inflation as well as any troublesome debt and loans. Gold is seen as an insurance policy against the country's own economy.

So which countries hold the most gold? Physical Gold took this question and gave us the answer with an interactive infographic that takes a tour around the world and looks at how much gold the top ranking 10 countries hold in their central bank(s). To size it up, you can also see how much the gold that the countries hold weigh up compared to a famous landmark or symbol of that specific country. Take a look for yourself:

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