You probably shut the lights off when you leave a room. In addition to that, it's most likely that you also turn that thermostat down a few degrees at night. We are all trying to save energy today, and so are most of the countries from all around the globe. World leaders everywhere want to save money, while helping to save the environment – it's a win-win for everyone.

People look up to politicians who are earth-friendly. It's their world, too – so they want to clean it up just as much as the rest of us. But, what exactly are they doing in terms of creating a cleaner planet? Is it all about money, or do they really care about the climate? When you think about it, they have families, too – so they are invested in saving the environment for their children, grandchildren – and beyond.

Enter the International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, published recently by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, or the ACEEE. Surprisingly, the UK is not at the top of the list; however, they are far ahead of the U.S. The countries that placed at the top in the four main categories, Efforts to Cut Energy Costs, Buildings/Construction, Industry and Transportation may surprise you, until you understand the reasons why they placed so well.

For sure, these countries can teach the rest of us a lot about saving energy and the environment with the strategies they're using. We'll outline several key things that the world powers that be can implement now that will save our planet for future generations. But it doesn't end there, because the financial benefits will boggle your mind.

Goals are good, and when it comes to energy consumption, thankfully, most countries have them. It's interesting to see what they are, and how each country plans to reach that achievement – and when. It is going to take much longer then you think, but the good news is, we can all benefit from the changes now. Let's look at the "who, what, when, how, why and where" of saving the environment, going way beyond your monthly utility bill.

Infographic below provided by JonesOil.

Energy Efficiency

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