Daily Brexit Update: Monday 30th July 2018

Theresa May is now on a double holiday to try and avoid the Brexit mess she has created, as pointed out by the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten:

But this does not prevent her ministers from taking to the stage, with one unnamed minister being quoted by Bloomberg:

I have near zero optimism because I think it is going to be very messy,” said one senior minister, speaking on condition of anonymity because the matter is so sensitive. The prospects of getting an agreement are slim, the minister said. “If we crash out without a deal, it’s going to be a historic catastrophe.

This sort of talk leads of course inevitable to calls for extending the Article 50 process and loaded second referendums. And that's why these unnamed ministers will come forward now knowing they have an almost free hand to undermine Brexit for several weeks. This must be the time for Brexiteers to step up their game – or is it the electorate that is being gamed.

According to Reuters, half of the UK electorate would favour a second referendum with the choices being:

  1. The government deal struck with the EU
  2. No Deal
  3. Remain in the EU

That of course is a biassed poll between two choices to Leave and one choice to Remain, which would split the Leave vote so allowing Remain to win comfortable. Not good democracy and thoroughly unconstitutional.

With Sky saying that its latest Sky Data poll showing the UK mood is shifting against Brexit (video):

Just shows what putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit does to getting out of the EU.

And the Independent says that 1.4 million new young voters could tip the balance towards Remain.

"Analysis of the census data shows the group who have come of age since the EU referendum now outnumbers the Leave side’s 1.26 million majority over Remain." The report says.

But the International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, continues his talks for new deals in the USA:

While the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, re-iterates his view of Theresa May's Brexit negotiating abilities:

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