The claims that the Leave campaign cheated in the EU referendum are coming thick and fast, with the Remain side using it to try and discredit the result.

A former employee of Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie says that Vote Leave along with other pro-Brexit groups used ‘common plan’ involving Aggregate IQ, a ‘franchise’ of Cambridge Analytica, in order to circumvent spending rules.

A former Vote Leave volunteer, Shahmir Sanni, has also come forward and said that Vote Leave may have used another pr-Brexit organisation, BeLeave, to get round spending rules by giving it £625,000 and telling it to spend the money on Aggregate IQ.

Had Vote Leave spent that money themselves it would have taken them over their referendum legal spending limit.

Vote Leave says it talked to the Electoral Commission (EC) before handing the money to BeLeave and Brexiteer Michael Gove pointed out that the EC had already looked into this twice and found nothing.

There are also claims that Vote Leave and BeLeave co-ordinated their actions, which is not allowed under the spending rules as they would become one single unit.

But the Remain campaign may also have questions to answer on this score.

In his blog, the political commentator, Guido Fawkes, says that in the month prior to the referendum five Remain campaigns were established and one million pounds was channeled into them.

The Remain campaign did exactly the same thing as Vote Leave, only with more money and with five new campaigns. This renders Cadwalladr’s central charge against Vote Leave completely obsolete.” says Guido.

He goes on to say that the Remain side did exactly the same but on a grander scale by "holding conference calls every morning to coordinate their messaging, sharing data, suppliers and campaign materials, and coordinating spending."

He also shows that, according to the Electoral Commission, in total Remain spent more on the referendum (£19,070566) than Leave did (£13,436,241). And that's without the £9 million government leaflet and the full weight of the 'establishment' factored in.

The Sunday Times political editor, Tim Shipman, Tweeted:

The Remain campaign coordinated their efforts on a conference call every morning. They used taxpayers money to send campaign literature to every household under the guise of information. If it was stacked, it was stacked against Leave. I voted Remain but this is ridiculous

— Tim Shipman (@ShippersUnbound) March 24, 2018

Former cabinet minster Priti Patel has now also demanded that the names of the people funding the 'pricey' legal team helping the whistleblowers be made public.

"Expensive top QCs have been hired by campaigning lawyers Bindmans to try bring criminal charges against the victorious Vote Leave campaign – but despite admitting it was being privately funded, the firm refused to say who is paying the bills." Reports the Sun.

Overall I have to agree with Guido that Remain can only understand the Brexit result through a prism of supposed corruption and cheating. Further I would say that the Remainers are sore losers who do not want to see or understand why the country voted to Leave the EU.

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