David Tennant's Doctor is now officially dead and his passing was witnessed by the nation huddled together in front of the television on New Year's day to watch him regenerate into the new Doctor played by Matt Smith. But Who is Matt Smith and is he qualified to play the nation's favourite timelord?

Well I made one excellent prediction in December and that was grown men would be crying at the death of David Tennant's Doctor. It was an emotional farewell, some have described it as a little over the top, but it is Doctor Who, it's meant to be over the top.

It was a regeneration that Doctor Who fans will be talking about for the next three thousand microns thanks to the special effects and trashing of the Tardis.

But I thought the most impressive moment was when we saw David Tennant's pointy face melt into Matt Smith's rubbery features, that truly made the transformation one to remember.

Matt then proceeds to hop around the Tardis in a geeky manner checking his limb count and new features and you're left wondering what kind of Doctor he will be? What will be his attributes?

Now I have read many articles and comments saying that Matt Smith isn't up to the Job, well I say hold your horses and give the lad a chance.

I was rather unsure of David Tennant when he replaced the equally brilliant Christopher Eccleston who brought the character back to our screens but he turned out to be one of the best incarnations of the Doctor ever.

Anyway, take a look at Matt Smith's C.V. For a young actor he has done rather well and I have found him to be an actor who dominates the play, which is what the role demands and many an actor with more ability has struggled to bring such presence to the screen.

Don't forget, the poor lad has to do battle with the Timelords again (a prediction of mine once) they are too powerful a Genie to put back into a bottle so easily.

The trailer for the new series does give a sneak peak into the new Doctor and I am excited. Like him or loathe him you cannot take your eyes off pf him and that suggests history will polarise the criticism of this Doctor more than any other.

I will put a bet on the former of the two opinions in the fulness of time, so lets be having it and roll on the new series in the spring.

"The Doctor is dead! Long live The Doctor!"


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