With Archie Mitchell's story line leading to a Christmas day firework display, the scriptwriters for Eastenders had to deliver the annual Eastenders festive trauma with murder in mind.

So evil Archie got his just desserts via a bust of Queen Victoria to the back of the head from a mysterious assassin.  Was it Ronnie? was it Peggy? I for one do not care.

But what I do care about is having to sit through that tripe on Christmas day and having to go through the motions of having a cloud hover over my house with such thanks to such a distressing story line.

"Ah but he had it coming!" you may say, well I am sure he did but it could have waited.

I am not Mary Whitehouse but for goodness sake keep Christmas day a little sacred, after all for many families it's the most expensive day of the year.

So why ruin it with a dose of seasonal misery in the form of a story line that is hell bent on provoking a bout of depression?

Yet again the BBC and ITV have excelled themselves in adding that touch of angst and bad feeling to Christmas Day for millions who tuned into to view Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Yet again, after the average household gets into more debt to make Christmas as special as possible, the BBC and ITV decide to go for story lines that involve murder, rape and cancer. Oh great just what you need to help digest that turkey.

Personally I believe that there should be a boycott of payments of the television licence fee as a mark of protest  for yet another negative story line that will have put the spoilers on many a Christmas dinner.

In fact I will go further, we should sue the BBC for ruining a day that families save and scrape for to make as memorable and happy as possible.

Even Ricky and Bianca getting back together was eclipsed totally by the accumulative effect of Stacey's rape by Archie and then Archie's murder.

But the festive cloud had more goodies to ruin your day thanks to the writers of Coronation Street.

I am referring of course to the Kevin and Sally storyline.

Poor Kevin who can't keep his old boy in his trousers decided to run off with Molly who he had been having an affair with behind his wife's back.

Molly, also being the girlfriend of his best mate and employee Tyrone, was over the moon that Kevin had grown a pair of dangly things and tell their respective partners their news and come clean.

Well the writers of Coronation Street thought that story not dysfunctional enough for on Christmas day so they decided that Kevin, upon attempting to tell Sally about his affair, would himself be in for the real shock because Sally reveals a bombshell for Kevin by telling him that she has breast cancer.

And right on cue my wife turned to me and said "If you ever cheat on me I will kill you" so mistrust entered the Davis household on Christmas day as it did many others across the country.

The same thing happened to me 2 years ago when Max and Stacey were caught having an affair on a camcorder on the Eastender's Christmas special, my wife and myself were newly weds and the story line made my wife deeply suspicious of me which can be read here.

History must stop repeating itself and these vicious depressing story lines must stop. How many Christmases were ruined by the repercussions of these story lines?

Forget the budget and the economy, we need emergency legislation to prevent any negative content being aired over the Christmas period and particularly on Christmas Day.

Anything more disturbing than Bambi must be banned from 9pm Christmas Eve until 9pm Boxing day.

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