Business to business (B2B) marketing is a strategy used when one business sells its products or services to another.

B2B marketing techniques usually rely on the same principles as general consumer marketing, however they are executed in a unique way to any other. Whilst the majority of consumers choose what they buy based on price, status, and a range of other emotional triggers, B2B consumers make their decisions based on price and potential for profit alone. This makes B2B marketing decidedly more difficult in some ways than consumer marketing, however others say it’s easier – as the only thing you need to convince the buyer of is the potential to make a profit. So, how is this important in nursing recruitment? Let’s take a look.

Healthcare (PD)

Recruiting from Other Companies

Healthcare companies don’t always recruit straight out of nursing school – some also recruit fully qualified, experienced nurses who’ve been working at another healthcare company or hospital for some time. When it comes to recruiting from another company, B2B marketing strategies are often used to convince the nurses that they’re better off working elsewhere. This is as the job is practically the same no matter which company is worked for – so it’s down to the employers to convince the nurse that their profit (salary) will be higher if they take on the job.

Nursing Equipment and Tools

In the nursing industry, there are a wide range of tools and different types of equipment used for healthcare. Companies who manufacture these tools and equipment must employ B2B marketing to the healthcare companies and institutions which are in need of them. Items such as hospital beds, dialysis machines, monitors, IV’s and even nurses’ uniforms must all be sold to an institution. In most cases, the healthcare institution or business is going to look for the items that are the cheapest in price and will hold the most potential for profit making. This is where B2B marketing strategies come in.

How is a B2B Marketing Plan Employed?

When it comes to B2B marketing, the plan must be focused in delivery but should also be very broad when it comes to application. Whilst general consumer marketing plans can often be more specific in their message, B2B marketing is different in that it needs to brand itself very broadly. B2B advertising is also very different from general consumer advertising and uses mediums such as email or even telephone calls.

Home Healthcare

With more and more people opting for healthcare in their homes for added convenience and comfort, home healthcare solutions are becoming more and more popular. Whether it be special chairs, hospital beds, or equipment which is specially designed in order to make home life easier on senior citizens and the disabled, B2B marketing is important. More often than not, people who receive home health care will buy equipment and other items from their health care company or another company who specializes in such solutions. Manufacturers must stay ahead of the fierce competition in this market by promoting their products to retailers and employing good B2B advertising strategies.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions find that marketing their services to healthcare businesses provides them with a number of new students, often already registered nurses who are looking for career progression which requires further qualifications. A large number of healthcare businesses are willing to provide their nurses with the means to gain extra qualifications, and by marketing courses such as the fast track RN to BSN online, educational facilities can convince healthcare companies that this will hold a lot of profit potential for them thanks to employing more highly qualified nurses.

Medical Home Care Equipment

With home care becoming more and more popular, there is a growing demand for mobile and portable medical equipment which can be used at home by nurses and other medical personnel. Items such as heart rate monitors and even dialysis machines can now be brought to the home of a patient by a healthcare professional and treatment can be carried out in comfort. However, manufacturers have worked hard to create healthcare equipment which is suitable for home use and business to business marketing strategies are vital in order to convince home care companies that this equipment is the best option for them.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is also a huge factor of the health care industry which has a need for good B2B marketing. Companies will often take on health insurance policies as a benefit for their employees, and when it comes to choosing a policy, most organizations are looking for the one that they’ll gain the most from without the need to pay a lot in premiums. Health insurance companies must use B2B marketing strategies and techniques in order to convince business owners that their insurance policy is the best choice to cover employees and that costs won’t be high.

Establishing an Online Presence

Healthcare and health related companies know that having a strong online presence can seriously help to boost their marketing efforts and even their sales. When it comes to B2B marketing, having an established presence online is often key to success. This is because it is a website or social media account where many decision makers will go first. For example, an employer who is looking to pay to put their home care staff through nursing degrees will most likely begin by looking online.
How have you seen B2B marketing applied to healthcare?

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