In 2016, customers are more likely than ever to be using tablet EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) checkout systems at their favourite establishments, from large to small businesses, and from restaurants to shops and everything in between. After all, tablet technology has been greatly expanding by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of tablets to become more efficient, attract more customers, and make more sales.

Why are more small businesses going to be offering tablet EPOS checkouts in the coming year? Check out the information below to learn more.

Tablet (PD)

Tablets are a More Streamlined Way to Place Orders and Pay

Many businesses are investing in tablets, as well as products like a wall mounted secure iPad enclosure to hold their tablets, and they are ditching their old clunky cash registers as a result. This allows them to make room on their countertops for things like promotional items or displays, as well as other items for sale.

Tablets are also hugely popular amongst tech savvy customers who want to make purchases from businesses that are hip and modern. So rather than investing in large cash registers, tablets are now allowing businesses to take orders and receive payments efficiently and easily, especially when you factor in the many mobile POS systems available to integrate into tablet enclosures.

Customers Can Place Orders Themselves

A lot of businesses can even benefit from allowing their customers to place their own orders on their tablet EPOS checkout systems. With a tablet, for example, and the right apps, you can prevent long lines from forming by allowing your customers to place their orders and pay with their credit cards right on the spot.

Even restaurants can benefit because you can place a tablet at a table and allow your customers to place their orders even if the wait staff is too busy to take orders efficiently.

Overall, this makes customers feel like they're really in control, and that makes them come back for more. Plus, customers hate having to wait in line, so this is a great way to make your company more efficient and keep customers happy.

Tablets Let You Do Business Anywhere

Whether you are planning on bringing your tablet to an important meeting with a potential new client or you are planning on having your tablet available for use at an upcoming business event, such as a trade show where you are going to be renting an exhibition booth, you can use this new technology to make sales right on the spot.

Again, with the right hardware and apps, you can transform your device from an ordinary tablet into a fully functioning cash register, and you can use it to place orders, receive payments, and keep track of customer data that you can use in the future as well.

It is clear that tablets are not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, they are becoming increasingly useful and popular in businesses of all sizes, but especially amongst small businesses that want to streamline the way they operate.

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