Many of us share a fair percentage of our life online via popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and these are just two examples of how we leave a 'digital footprint' everywhere we go when we post messages and pictures.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is something you need to be aware of as it digital data which is found on all of the devices we use on a daily basis, such as our cell phones, computer hard drives and an extensive list of other devices and gadgets.

As the infographic below reveals, ESI can be used to gather some incriminating evidence in a divorce case as well as providing vital intelligence if someone is under investigation for tax evasion or some other activity that they would rather hide from certain people.

There are of course laws relating to 'eDiscovery', which is the term used to describe the process of gathering ESI for things like divorce cases, but it does highlight the need to be vigilant and more cautious about what information you leave behind in your digital footprint.

A clandestine meeting can soon be uncovered using ESI if there are text messages and other data to uncover, so it may pay in general to be more cautious about how you use your devices, even if you have nothing to hide but worry about what information people can gather on you.

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Digital Footprint

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