Most business owners provide their employees with basic health and safety training, but first aid and CPR training can often be overlooked.

Although it’s required for businesses of a certain size to have a number of first aid trained staff on their books, many businesses only have the minimum number required.

In order to be compliant with the law and health and safety regulations, it’s important that in the absence of a clinic or hospital nearby to the workplace to have first aid supplies readily available and trained staff on hand to assist in the event of an accident. Here are just some of the benefits of having a first aid training program for your staff.

First Aid (PD)

Tailored to the Industry

One of the major benefits of having a first aid and CPR training program in your workplace is that you can tailor it to the industry and its specific requirements. For example, an office based workplace will have different requirements for first aid than a warehouse. Adapting your own first aid and CPR program to ensure that it suits the specific industry which your workplace is in can help you to ensure that your staff are better equipped to deal with the possible hazards and accidents which may occur.

Reduced Cost

You may think that having a training program for employee first aid and CPR will raise costs, but it can actually help to reduce them in the long run. Most business owners and managers only train one or two members of staff in order to keep costs low but over time this can actually raise expenditure as a shortage of first aid trained staff can lead to a higher number of accidents and insurance claims which can all add up. Making sure that you have a large number of fully trained staff members may cost more initially, but can help to reduce costs in the future.


Employee Morale

Having a first aid and CPR training system in place can actually help to boost the morale of your employees and lead to a better and more positive attitude in the workplace. Employees can benefit from extra training programs as they can help to increase motivation and give them a break from the daily chores of the job. The happiness and well-being of your employees can help to build strong relationships, ultimately resulting in a better working environment and higher levels of productivity.

Safety Benefits

Using a first aid and CPR training program for your employees can help them all to become more safety aware, therefore reducing the risk of hazards and accidents in the workplace. Employees will be trained to keep an eye out for potential hazards and address them before they can cause harm. This training will also enable your employees to be the first responders on the scene of an accident and therefore administer any immediate treatment which may be required before getting medical attention.

If you would like to give your employees essential first aid training, see this range of CPR training courses for more information.

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