The prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is definitely keeping everyone guessing – is he going for a no deal Brexit? Or the Withdrawal Agreement surrender Treaty minus the backstop? Or something else?


As the UK Prime Ministers jet off for Brexit talks with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the press and social media today are full of differing opinions as to where Boris Johnson is going with Brexit.

His very recent letter to the EU Council president, Donald Tusk, points to the Withdrawal Agreement route, but his recent talk about ratcheting up the no deal planning to make sure we are ready for that scenario points to a possible no deal Brexit.

Many people in the EU don't believe that the offer in Boris Johnson's letter is serious, with the chair of the German parliament foreign affairs committee, Norbert Roettgen, Tweeting that:

"The letter to @donaldtusk is not a serious offer, and @BorisJohnson knows it. If Johnson really wanted to achieve something on his visits to #Paris and #Berlin, he would have been well advised against writing this letter."

They also believe that the UK parliament will work towards the aims of the EU and reverse the Article 50 decision, or at least delay it, so that the UK won't exit the EU on the 31st of October, so giving them more time to unravel Brexit.

But the thinking that Boris is not making a serious offer, must mean that the EU thinks he intends a no deal Brexit, doesn't it? And if that's the case, are they putting their money on him to succeed or on parliament to block it?

On the other hand, writing in the Express, The Brexit Party MEP for the South West, Ann Widdecombe, says she fears that Boris Johnson is about to seal us inside a slightly modified Withdrawal Agreement.

She says that we need to leave the single market, customs union, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and any connection to the now forming EU army.

And she goes on to say:

"Any deal which does not deliver that comprehensively betrays the promise to implement the result of the referendum and that I fear beneath all the bombast and blatteration is exactly what Boris is about to do."

And this is what the leader of The Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has been saying for some time.

And talking to Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning Nigel Farage said that we had seen the tough guy Boris for the first few weeks with talk about ending freedom of movement and officials attending fewer meetings in Brussels etc.

But then when you read the letter that he sent to Donald Tusk, Farage continued:

"Nowhere in that letter does Boris Johnson say that unless we get a better deal, we will leave on 31st October with no-deal."

Farage also said that he fears that a new Withdrawal Agreement mark two will arise out of the ashes of the old one but still be 99% identical.

So where is Boris going?No deal or a Withdrawal Agreement sell-out – or has he got a surprise rabbit to pull out of the Dominic Cummings hat?

And I have to say, if you think it's going to get much clearer in the next few days, my advice is buckle in for a bumpy political ride!

And now for a change of tack! I thought I'd give you an insight into the sort of thing I get up to when I'm not in front of the camera having a chat with you.

I dig this out of the garage from time to time and can be seen blasting down the leafy Dorset roads, all within the speed limits you understand!

It's a venerable old BMW 650cc boxer twin from circa 1979 – model name R65. It's modified slightly to a cafe racer type style and has an unusual twin spark plug per pot set up – which probably adds about 1 extra Horse Power to its already lowly 26. Add in premium unleaded fuel and well, there's another fraction of horse power.

I am reliably told though, that it will top 80 MPH and 90 MPH on a good day with a lively tail wind behind it, not that I'd know anything about that of course!

I've had this bike about ten years or so and it always puts a big smile on my face!

Everyone should have a hobby! What's yours?


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