During a discussion about Brexit on BBC's Dateline, two foreign correspondents agreed that a sort of Brexit exhaustion point had been reached where the UK public think that a WTO (World Trade organisation) exit, whatever it brings, would be better than the whole Brexit saga just dragging on.


Sudanese journalist, Nesrine Malik said on the BBC's Dateline London show, which is where foreign correspondents currently posted to London look at events in the UK through outsiders' eyes, that leaving the EU with no-deal was becoming more palatable to UK citizens due to their exhaustion with the whole Brexit process.

And she said it was her sense that this had increased at the end of the year as we went through the Tory leader confidence vote and then the PM putting off the meaningful vote for a month.

She was also of the opinion that this was making project fear less effective as the public is sick of politicians and don't trust them.

",,,,so a no deal Brexit might become more palatable to people who before had not thought so, because they just want it over." She said.

And Portuguese writer Eunice Goes agreed with her saying that a growing number of Tory MPs and Tory party supporters are now looking forward to a no deal Brexit and that this might create some momentum in that direction.

Although she did temper this by saying that there was a growing momentum among MPs from other parties looking for a second EU referendum.

"….there are too many factors that essentially can potentially make the whole process highly unpredictable." She said.

So, while politicians and those closely involved from both sides of the Brexit divide continue to re-argue the 2016 EU referendum day after day, it looks like the UK public has now tired of this, moved on and wants this settled and increasingly see the WTO option as the swiftest route to that end.

And for those keeping the Remain fires burning and hankering after a second referendum, the creator of the much anticipated drama "Brexit: The Uncivil Wars" starring Benedict Cumberbatch out on Monday evening on Channel 4, told Matt Frei on Channel 4 News that we could not do that again.

He said that:

"No matter what we do we have to learn the lessons of that referendum that was overly simplistic, overly angry and overly divisive and we need to find a different model to ask that question because I just don't think we would survive going through that exercise again.

"It was a really, really, unhealthy poor exercise in democracy in my view."

And he went on to say that the country was "pretty messed up at the moment" over the whole thing.

Interesting observations and maybe all the Leave Campaign needs to do now to deliver a swift and unequivocal exit from the EU is to just say that, if you want to hear no more about Brexit or second referendums or customs unions or backstops or transition periods, then support a WTO exit from the EU and it'll all be over on March the 29th and we can move on as a country!

Now, here's a couple of snippets you may have missed.

Firstly, it turns out that what everyone knew has been confirmed.

The hard left EU lover Owen Jones has been claiming that the Brexit Betrayal Rally counter protest had far more people in it than the actual Brexit Betrayal Rally itself.

And further, some of the mainstream media plugged this and milked it for all it was worth.

However, a freedom of information request to the Met Police Service has put paid to that claim by saying that there were five times as many people at the Brexit Betrayal rally than in the anti-Brexit counter protest.

Personally, having looked at the relevant footage on YouTube myself, I think the multiple was far larger than that.

Anyway, the Met Police also confirmed that there were no arrests made at the main Brexit rally, but it did say that three arrests were made at the counter-protest.

Sort of sums it up don't you think? Ah but sums don't seem to be Owen Jones's strong point do they? obviously another victim of the Diane Abbott School of arithmetic.

Secondly, please don't be a Gullible Gary.

A well known sports commentating wind-bag, who used to kick a bag of wind around a field for a living, Tweeted out an information leaflet pushing a garbage project fear story about a no-deal exit from the EU and the damage it would cause to UK medical supply chains.

Well, the Department of Health and Social Care Tweeted back:

".@GaryLineker – This is not an official NHS leaflet. People should trust advice from official NHS sources. We are confident that if everyone does what they need to do, medical supplies will be uninterrupted and patients will get their prescriptions as normal."

So please don't be a Gullible Gary this Brexit year and take a healthy dose of salt with everything a Remainer tells you!

So, please let us all know what you think about this by leaving a comment below.

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