The pressure over the UK's membership of the EU is mounting on the Prime Minister as Lord Lawson weighs in with a vote to leave and the recently formed Business for Britain calls for major EU renegotiation or for the UK to leave. And do you think that many governments within the EU have the stomach for the upheaval renegotiation would bring?

But whatever these people and the people of the UK in general say David Cameron has hitched his wagon firmly to the EU while he is still leader. The party leaders of both labour and the LibDems are also just as committed to the European dream as the Tories are and some would have us quickly inside the Eurozone if they had their way.

And they continue to take this position despite the rising popularity of UKIP and its stance on leaving the European Union.

The Tory/Libdem coalition realise that it will not be around after the 2015 General Election and the electorate knows this, so any promises made by them will be worthless. But a Labour majority or a Labour/LibDem coalition might well be.

This means that, without a massive volte-face by one or more of the Lib/Lab/Con, all three of them will go to the polls on the manifesto commitment of the UK staying as fully committed members of the EU. That would mean that they could (and probably would) take any combination of the three of them either winning outright or forming a coalition as the public stating that they agree that the UK should remain a member of the EU. Then there would be no need, they would argue, to clutter up the parliamentary business timetable with legislating for something that the public had no appetite for – much better they would say to press on and do what we always do (so in the process getting what we always got).

That, as most people now realise, makes this a two way battle for many – Nigel Farage's UKIP versus Lib/Lab/Con.

Any bloody noses Lib/Lab/Con got from the recent local elections or get as a result of the EU MEP elections in 2014 will be ignored as yet another protest vote, while hanging on to the hope that somehow there'll be an economic miracle that will put the government and/or the EU (depending which of the Lib/Lab/Con you support) in a good light.

UKIP Rosette

UKIP Rosette

But the real clincher is this, if you want the UK out of the EU then only a vote for UKIP in the 2015 General Election will do. Everything else will be construed as a vote to remain inside that discredited organisation and any decision to hold a referendum will be taken on that basis.

The woes of the EU with regard to unemployment in some areas and the adverse impact that uncontrolled immigration have had in certain areas of the Union are self-evident but still the the claims that the UK would put three million jobs at risk is shouted from the rooftops by some. I would say take a look at this article by Channel 4 News ( to put that into perspective.

And to put some context into how UK trade deals are negotiated across the world at present there are these links to the government and World Trade Organisation web-sites. These show that we have little control at present over trade agreements apart from what we can get past the European Commission.

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