Will.i.am has been branded a racist by some very thick people who seem to think that a black man putting black paint on his face somehow makes him a racist.

Will.i.am decided to perform at the VMA with singer Nicki Minaj in a black costume with his face painted black and it seems that the cerebrally challenged and inbred have decided to air their views on twitter from the back of their trailers.

I.will.not.bore.you with the finer details but let's just say that the tweets had very little in the way of intelligent and cohesive/structured argument or train of thought so I will leave to your imagination what passed as a slur on Will.i.am's reputation.

In our world where the PC brigade threaten to divide and conquer us with their divisive theology, it is people who dare to stand up as individuals, regardless of the implications and sensitivity, to this inquisition that is like madness a and ultimately a cure worse than the disease.

Then again I suppose the peasants will always want their revolt.

But surely a black man can paint himself black or a white person paint himself white? or vice versa.

Will.i.am has denied being a racist and understandably totally flummoxed by the whole debacle.

I am not black…..but if I want to paint myself black and sing Ol' Man River  in a gay bar with suspenders on wearing a BNP T-shirt as I stamp on a dead cat then it's my right…..how could that be construed as racist, homophobic or against animals?…..it would be just daft (a little sick granted) to me and a bit of a giggle and my black and gay friends would also agree.

Just to get you into the mood.

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