Who says the EU doesn’t look after us? Europe it seems is coming to the rescue of the full English breakfast, well the bacon at least anyway.

As a definite Eurosceptic I am always looking for reasons to question and even take a swift swipe at what the EU bureaucracy gets up to.

But on this one I’m fully behind our kind benefactors in Brussels.

According to the Telegraph, EU legislation has been put forward to reduce the amount of water that can be added to bacon from 10% to 5%.

Although there are the obvious cost implications it should result in our bacon being far meatier.

It should also reduce the likelihood of your bacon being boiled in the pan as opposed to being fried. Anyone who’s tried to fry bacon in recent years will be familiar with the spectacle of the bacon swimming in a sea of water induced bubbles in the pan and, when cooked, not looking like a properly fried rasher.

Chefs are also convinced that the result will be a far tastier portion of bacon.

Under the proposal, due to make the law books in 2015, any rashers of bacon with more than 5% added water will have to be labelled as such.

But, according to the Telegraph report, retailers are saying that it would result in dryer, less tender bacon, which would be a lot more expensive and confuse consumers. Well they would say that wouldn’t they?

Me? I want to see my bacon sizzle, not froth, in the pan. Just like when my dad used to cook the family breakfast. It would be well worth the extra few pence!

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