In recent months, we’ve seen broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson and some football manager or other hounded by the politically-correct for some comments they made that were supposedly “racist” And a couple of football commentators lost their jobs for remarks (“get them out for the lads” or something like that) which were apparently unacceptably “sexist”.

Clarkson’s comments were made in some footage that was never broadcast, the football manager’s were in emails or SMS messages to a colleague and the commentators’ banter was not intended to be broadcast. These were not public pronouncements, yet the politically-correct have used them to try to ruin all these men’s careers.

There was also the unreported case of a policeman being suspended for a supposedly politically-incorrect joke he told a fellow officer in a pub, which was overheard and reported by a member of the holier-than-thou brigade.

And, of course, in the world of the politically correct, Palestinians are always ‘victims’ while Israelis are always ‘aggressors’.

This is truly a terrifying lurch into the kind of tyranny we saw in former East Germany and now have in North Korea. Though here, thankfully, people only lose their jobs and their livelihoods, not their lives.

Britain was once a bastion of free speech. But we have allowed an extreme form of political correctness to stifle what people think and say. Those who believe they should run society have profited from this new tyranny because it gives them another tool of control. The Guardianistas, the ‘progressives’, the politically correct, call them what you wish, they are the smug, sanctimonious, self-selecting, usually taxpayer-funded elites, mostly in the media, academia and politics, who possibly believe, or choose to believe out of self-interest, that we should all do as they tell us ‘for our own good’.

Head Lattice (PD)They call themselves ‘liberal’, but wouldn’t know liberty if it bit them in the behind. They think of themselves as ‘enlightened’, when they are no more than bigots looking down at us, their supposed inferiors. They believe themselves to be educated, when they stopped exploring the world in their teens because real humans and their ideological liberal, multi-cultural, open-door-immigration utopia are utterly incompatible.

Much as the lunacy of radical Islam is a grave threat to our civilisation, so too are these carriers of internal cancer. And they are the more dangerous for cloaking their obscene authoritarianism in weasel words of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’, for who would dare refuse the concept that we should not desire a ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ society?

Yet their interpretation of fairness and equality is not what most of us mean; not equality before the law, not a fair chance at improving one’s life and circumstances. No, they mean equality the same way the pigs in Animal Farm meant it – and they will be more equal than the rest of us. When they talk of fairness, they mean to tear down anyone who takes advantage of their life opportunities because to do better is somehow ‘unfair’. Thought and speech control give the mediocre and the self-serving would-be elites the means for their own advancement over the rest of us at our expense.

They do not reflect the popular will, but they seek to direct it. Most people believe a person’s words and thoughts are his or her own. The ‘progressives’ who dominate our media and public services do not, for free thought is anathema to their intolerant creed. And it is their voices which cry loudest for censorship, for control.

What will our thought-masters do next? Install word-recognition systems to scan all our emails and text messages to spot words or phrases that can be construed as “racist” or “sexist” or “Islamophobic” or “pro-Israeli” or “anti-Palestinian”, so that those found “guilty” of impure thoughts can be pilloried in public and have their lives ruined?

In Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell warned us what would happen in the new Big Brother Britain. But even he might  be surprised at the extent of the new thought control being used by the elites to crush any free-thinking.

In my own small way, I try to use my books and my blog to fight against the new form of thought control and crushing of free speech used by the incompetent, self-serving, self-righteous, taxpayer-funded elites. I wish there were some people in the mainstream media with the integrity to do the same.

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