Walter Baxter - It's general election time again - CC BY-SA 2.0

By Walter Baxter – It's general election time again – CC BY-SA 2.0

Watching what's going on in Westminster right now, you have to ask yourself if our Prime Minister is on a mission to destroy not only the nation but also her beloved Conservative Party.


Theresa May now seems intent on completely destroying her own party.

You can imagine her right now, like some sort of wild-eyed Shakespearian hag, having skinned the Conservative Party alive, she is cackling away while feeding the remnants into the meat grinder ready to roast over the previously prepared open fire.

And all the while Tory MPs sit around and cluck on the sidelines watching and doing just about nothing to save their own party.

Well, you have to remember that they are probably too busy working out the best way that they can personally replace her as Prime Minister of the UK. Big stakes here.

But after decades of political combat with the Labour Party and trying to trash Labour leader after Labour leader, suddenly out comes the cabinet secretary, David Lidington, telling the BBC that "…there’s plenty in terms of overall objectives that the two parties agree on".

What a great way to get your Tory party supporters behind you Mr Lidington. The Labour Party wants to nationalise just about the whole country and strip the wealthy of their gains – is that an overall objective that the Tory party now shares with Labour?

How can Tory activists, what's left of them, campaign on that sort of platform just to keep Theresa May and her vassalage treaty from annihilation?

And now we hear that Theresa May has called off the Easter break for her Brexit negotiators to try and broker some sort of deal with the Labour Party to stop the likes of UKIP from winning the lion's share of the vote in local and EU elections.

But in this she must be totally aware that her efforts are doomed.

The last thing the Labour Party wants is a success of any sort for Theresa May and her Tories.

No, they want to see her crash and burn, so that Jeremy Corbyn can inherit the keys to Number Ten.

Labour will be as difficult as it takes and will keep voting the PM's UK colony status treaty down to ensure their own final victory.

Mrs May needs the help of Labour MPs to keep her show on the road, but she has nothing of value to offer them as far as I can see. So why on Earth would Labour MPs give her any comfort?

At least some Tories have seen the danger to their own party that Theresa May poses and are looking to change their internal party rules to allow them to oust her.

But this will be a long drawn out process that may well take longer to achieve than the imminent train wreck that their party is about to become.

But Labour is in no better a position.

The Corbyn leadership is being told that it will lose oodles of support unless it embraces a second referendum, without acknowledging that it will lose an equal number of votes if it does end up supporting a second public vote on EU membership.

And believe it or not, both parties are forgetting that great British institution – the silent majority.

Our silent majority does not generally do a Gilet Jaune. No, it proceeds quietly to the polling stations and delivers its verdict there. A verdict as damning and as damaging to those that ignored the will of the people as any riot would be.

You see, unrest can be quelled by force, with the excuse that public safety has to be safeguarded. But they can use no such excuse to protect themselves from the wrath of the people as defined by pencil marks placed on a simple ballot paper.

Some people may try to argue that, if voting worked then we would already have left the EU. But I would argue that, if voting did not work then we would not right now be on the verge of witnessing the almost permanent demise of the Tory Party as an electoral force because the majority of the MPs in that party refused to obey the will of the people.

My answer to all of this is to vote, always vote, everyone who has the right to vote must vote. But before you do use your valuable vote – and yes it is valuable – make sure you know exactly who, and what, you are voting for.

Please do not be taken in by the fear-mongering two party state Blue versus Red class war rhetoric that so infests our politics today. Especially when those that are trying to pull you onto that battleground, will be the ones that end up in Westminster clover.

When voters are lazy and vote by rosette colour, or by habit – they will get the democratic result they deserve – and you only have to witness what the established two and a half main parties have done in the recent decades to realise that.


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