Brexit Update: Saturday 30th June 2018

There is speculation that the taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Leo Varadkar, may call a snap general election in the Republic so as to strengthen his position both domestically and in the Brexit negotiations. His political rivals have said that this would be reckless politicking, which could end up weakening the Republic's Brexit negotiating position.

The prime Minister, Theresa may is pencilled in for a meeting with the German Chancellor, Angela merkel, in Berlin on the 12th of July. The subject for the meeting will, of course, be Brexit.

This is the last call for the UK to lay its Brexit cards on the table to get a deal done on time, says the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk.

And Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC says all eyes are on a split UK cabinet and that: "Sources suggest that if there is no clarity from the UK next week, all that will be available to Britain is a simple free trade deal". As far as I can see we're more likely heading for a no-deal Brexit.

And the Independent says that Boris Johnson might just resign now, if too many compromises are made in the negotiations and we end up with a 'soft' Brexit (i.e. – no Brexit at all).

Conservative peer and former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, George Bridges, has published an open letter to Cabinet in the Evening Standard, with some advice on how to handle Brexit. First, he says, "no deal" must be made a realistic alternative!

Theresa May is gathering the divided Cabinet clan for a Brexit showdown at Chequers and some ministers are wary of being given an ultimatum of 'here is the deal, now sign up to it or resign'. And the Guardian likens it to a well known plot saying it could end with murder on the Brexit express.

The Brexit Committee wants an extension to the Article 50 process (see video below).

Former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, on the good and the bad of the Brexit negotiations so far (see video below).


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