Is the Prime Minister ready to trigger a general election based around her Chequers Brexit In Name Only deal should she fail to get it through parliament?


Coming on the back of the surprise resignation of Jo Johnson from government, the UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn has got wind of a plot by the PM to hold a general election based on her Chequers Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal.

"Am told May is now seriously planning for a general election on a manifesto based on her “deal” if it fails to get through Commons." He Tweeted.

This of course would mean the demise of the Tories for many years or even a decade and, unless the electorate all went for UKIP, we'd end up with an ultra left wing government under Corbyn leading to bankruptcy, the loss of all UK assets and possibly terminal EU vassalage.

Now, the PM knows this, so I would suspect that this is internal Tory party fear-mongering to try and keep her back-benchers in line and voting for Chequers.

But one development you may have missed is that Jeremy Corbyn had his first ever publicly acknowledged meeting with Alex Younger, the head of MI6, so that the leader of the opposition could be briefed on the current state of security threats to the nation.

With the Mail reporting that the meeting was called due to fears that the PM's Brexit talks could collapse and trigger a general election.

And a Whitehall source told the Mail:

"The feeling was that the time had come for Mr Corbyn to become acquainted with the workings of the intelligence establishment."

So, MI6 seem to think that Corbyn has inched close enough to the door of Number Ten to warrant a special briefing.

So, with her own Brexiteers hounding her followed by the Remainers, followed by her own party constituency parties, then the opposition and Eurocrats who can smell blood, coupled with a floundering, expiring and un-floggable Brexit deal tied around her neck like a dead albatross, she may be just in the bunker mentality state of mind to go for broke and put everything on throwing a double six!

Then factor in the very recent 'end to austerity' budget to head off both Corbyn and an internal leadership challenge and a picture starts forming.

The main problem with that of course is that she's gambling more with our futures, than she is with hers.

And the only good thing I could have said about Corbyn is that at least when asked about reversing Brexit by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, he said "We can't stop it." But he then went and spoiled it all by saying:

"We would want to make a new and comprehensive customs union with the European Union, one that would obviously protect the Irish border …."

But isn't that exactly where we are now with Theresa May and what has led to her now seemingly imminent downfall? So all I can see is more of the same from Labour – more stalled talks, more Remain establishment ploys to cripple the talks, more cabinet wrangling, more talk of extending Article 50 or of second referendums – ad infinitum.

If they want to save themselves, it is now time for the Tory back-benchers to get their letters of no confidence in their leader to the chairman of their 1922 Committee, before Mrs May takes them all down with her.

Then they need to elect a full-blooded Brexiteer into the job. Nothing else at this stage will do.

Failing that it's a good job that UKIP has been busying itself preparing for a snap general election, something I think we will see accelerate in the days ahead!

And the only way to punish those basically Remain parties is for all Leave voters to vote for UKIP.

Don't vote Labour or decide not to vote, because you will be punishing yourselves. Replacing a Tory or a Remainer Corbynite with a Ukipper is surely much more preferable.

All Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat roads lead to Brussels and the demise of the United Kingdom as an independent, sovereign and self governing nation.

So, do the only sensible thing and support and vote for UKIP!


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