A company has claimed that it has created an additive that, when introduced into the combustion and exhaust processes, will make any fossil fuel carbon neutral.

It says that it uses Hydro Nano Gas (HNG) technology to improve the fuel burn as well as purge the emissions.

HydroInfra Technologies says it is a Swedish green-tech innovation company based in Stockholm, where the founder Sven Erik partnered with Nobel Prize winner Yuan Tseh Lee to discover a way to eliminate fossil fuel pollution. The company says that when the gas it has now created "….is injected into fossil fuel burning, the toxic cocktail of pollutant emissions is instantly neutralized".

This could reduce the impact of the burning of fossil fuels on our planet, something we should all be welcoming, surely?

But there are wider ramifications than just cleaning up the Earth. And these are all based on power and finance, something that the company will have to consider when looking for friends and investors to help it.

Taxes: A vast proportion of our tax system is based on punishing bad behaviour such as drinking, smoking and of course burning fuel. The use of this technology would eliminate the excuse for taxing the use of fossil fuels after it stops polluting the planet. This would need re-thinking (possibly tax usage to ensure availability into the future?) so politicians are not going to be too quick to welcome or back this with tax breaks or public endorsement.

The Green Movement: turkeys do not vote for Christmas. Use of technology that takes away one of the main ogres that the green movement has been battling will not be welcomed. What now the global warming (climate change) debate and all the funding and jobs that goes with it?

Carbon credit swaps: a multi-billion (name your currency) industry is forming around charging companies who over-pollute and the trading 'credits' on markets. These would become worthless and a whole financial services sector would collapse.

Engine design: One would hate to be a catalytic converter specialist if this technology saw the light of day.

Commodities: And how would the drop off in catalytic converters affect the platinum market for instance.

There will of course be other losers.

HNG technology may well be a very beneficial technology for the human race and its advancement. But the company may find that there are a lot of people and companies who would be more than willing to throw a spanner in the works at every opportunity to ensure their own survival.

When contacted HydroInfra Technologies played its cards close to its chest, it has though signed a joint venture with Globeco, a world leader in oceanic clean up operations. The Green Party have yet to respond and Friends of the Earth had not yet heard of this development.

How Hydro Nano Gas Technology Works

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For more information click here (http://www.hydroinfra.com/en/solutions/how-hng-works/)

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