I always have a healthy regard for bookmakers odds on such things as the outcome of votes and referendums as, unlike internet and face to face polls, the punter has to put some actual hard cash down to back up what they say.

So, if the voting in the referendum for Scottish independence on the 18th September this year follows the trend that William Hill reported yesterday, we could well see a healthy ‘Yes’ to independence vote.

79% of all bets in Scotland on the Independence referendum have been for a ‘yes’ vote, according to Britain’s biggest bookmaker.

100% of William Hill punters in Dundee and Motherwell have backed independence although Edinburgh has a 50/50 split.

Flag of Scotland by Rain Dropsfalling

By Rain Dropsfalling

In London, 75% of all bets have been for a ‘no’ vote including a hefty £600,000 wager (comprising of one £400,000 wager and one £200,000 wager at odds of 1/4 and 1/6), while Belfast and Cardiff are siding with their non-English counterparts.

83% of all votes in the Welsh capital have been for independence while 75% of all bets in the Northern Irish capital have been for the same outcome.

If the Scottish punters turn out to the voting booths as they have done to the betting shops, then we could well see a ‘yes’ vote when the referendum takes place in September,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

This is at odds with the latest YouGov information, which has voting intention figures as: 'Yes' 35 percent and 'No' 55 percent. Excluding “don't knows” and “won't votes”, this equates to 'Yes" 39 percent and 'No' 61 percent. YouGov also says that 53 percent of people are tired of all the talk and just want to get on with the voting.

Scottish Independence betting:

1/8 no; 9/2 yes

Scottish Independence ye-no votes

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