Discount broker Willis Owen has launched its brand new ISA Guide for 2014. The Guide is packed full of investment ideas including a selection of funds from independent research company, Morningstar OBSR.

From January of this year, in line with new regulations, all new funds purchased via Willis Owen have been commission-excluded or ‘clean’ funds, ensuring greater transparency for customers. However, until the end of March, Willis Owen is offering new and existing customers a ‘fees free’ period where all funds purchased will be free of charges from both Willis Owen and the platform, Cofunds.


Jason Chapman, Managing Director at Willis Owen, said:

Introducing clean, commission excluded funds is all about ensuring the customer knows exactly where the fees they pay are going. But to make things as simple as possible, we are waiving all our fees until 31 March – and Cofunds have agreed to do the same.

This is also about helping customers through tough times. They have experienced year upon year of negative real returns on cash savings as interest rates remain at record lows. We’re seeing more and more people turning to investment ISAs to get the most from their money – we’ve seen an 87% rise in new clients so far this year compared to the same period last year.

With less than two months until tax deadline, the most important thing is to use your ISA allowance while you can. Money hidden away in a low interest savings account could be working harder for you.

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Our 2014 ISA Guide includes information on wide range of options available to suit a range of different investment styles, for both income and growth. However, we also know there are many who want to make the most of their allowance but are unsure of where to invest right now.

Our Cash Reserve facility means customers can pay in up to the full ISA limit now, without committing to specific funds. Then, when the time is right, they can decide where to invest, either in a lump sum or by drip feeding money into the market.

Some of the funds featured in Willis Owen’s ISA Guide 2014 include:

Fidelity Moneybuilder Dividend Y Fund – offers investors access to a portfolio of predominantly UK-listed equities managed with a focus on the sustainable growth of dividends

Legal & General Dynamic Bond I Trust – manager Richard Hodges allocates actively between investment-grade corporate bonds, high yield, gilts and cash

Artemis Global Income I Fund – offers exposure to a portfolio of global equities and seeks to achieve capital growth and a rising income, with a minimum yield of 4%

• Rathbones Global Opportunities I Fund – an actively managed global fund of predominantly mid- and small-cap companies, selected for their growth prospects

Old Mutual UK Smaller Companies R Fund – offers access to a smaller UK companies portfolio which consists of a blend of both growth and value stocks

Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio I Fund – offers a fund of funds which aims to achieve long-term capital growth with income. The underlying funds invest in UK and international equities and bonds

Key facts about Willis Owen services:

• Access to over 2300 funds from all the major investment houses

• Ability to invest within an ISA wrapper, a Unit Trust or an Open Ended Investment Company

• Clean funds available from January 2014

• Free ISA transfer service

• Free access to investment analysis tools

• Access to an ISA Cash Reserve fund to park your money before you invest

• Annual ISA guide

• Investor Support Desk where you can speak to a real person not a computer, for friendly, helpful guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week

For more information and to download the ISA guide visit or join Willis Owen on social media:

Twitter: @WillisOwenLtd


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