Thailand – the perfect exotic destination for some much deserved winter sun

Asia is not a destination many families first consider for a holiday, with the Canary Islands and mainland Spain being the preferred choice, but a winter sun getaway in Thailand could be just what your family needs.

Bear in mind that in the UK winter season temperatures soar in the country, with a staggering 40°C recorded in most places and even in Thailand’s winter months temperatures are around 30°C, so it’s a good idea to wait until the kids are perhaps a little older and can cope with such heat.

You might consider Thailand a place solely for backpackers, with hostels and a single bag to see you through your trip but there is actually a huge variety of luxury family hotels to choose from if you’re not going for the sight seeing alone and fancy spending a few days by the pool as well.

There’s plenty for a family to do in Thailand, from exploring the country’s picture perfect beaches, with stunningly clear water and delicate white sand to sampling the local cuisine including spicy Katsu curry and delicious durian fruit which you can pick up at a local market. Thailand is perfect for those families who enjoy exploring, with magnificent temples and palaces to discover as well as natural wonders in the form of stunning coves, caves and forest areas.

Thailand Beach (PD)

The floating markets are a popular place to visit while in the country, Amphawa market is one of the most popular ones to visit and takes place at the weekend with boats moving round serving freshly cooked local food such as grilled squid and coconut pancakes. Taling Chan is another market famous for its food, with fresh roasted seafood including crab legs and roasted snake head fish – these places are great to visit for families who are more adventurous with their food habits and enjoy sampling new dishes together.

A visit to the Elephant Nature Park is also a must visit for families, this park takes in rescued elephants and aims to give them a better life with visitors able to feed the elephants and help them take a bath in the afternoon. There is no elephant riding, which many people go to Thailand for, but this practice is cruel and many of the animals used for this are not treated well. As a family you should also avoid any attraction involving wild animals such as tigers, who are sedated to allow you to get close enough to touch them and have a photo taken. Be responsible as a family when visiting the country.

Thailand is the perfect destination for some winter sun, it’s much more exotic than any of the locations that are a couple of hours away on a plane and will really allow you to experience a whole new way of spending your time when away from home.

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