The Wolfson Economics Prize, which challenges the world’s brightest economists to prepare a contingency plan for a break-up of the Eurozone, will be unveiling a shortlist of five finalists at a press conference tomorrow morning. Their submissions will also be made public.
The judges will give the finalists the opportunity to address key questions about their entry. Finalists will be given until the 29th of May to develop and resubmit their entries. Everyone who has progressed to this stage will be guaranteed a £10,000 share of the prize. The winner(s) of the Wolfson Economics Prize will be announced on the 5th of July.

The Wolfson Economics Prize will be the second-biggest cash prize to be awarded to an economist after the Nobel Prize. The Prize is sponsored by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust, a family charity, and managed by Policy Exchange, the independent London-based think tank. The Prize seeks to find the best answer to the following question: “If member states leave the Economic and Monetary Union, what is the best way for the economic process to be managed to provide the soundest foundation for the future growth and prosperity of the current membership?”

Entrants’ packs were sent to: the top 200 universities from around the world; 350 international economists; 220 global financial institutions, including hedge funds and banks; and over 100 global think tanks, including China, US, EU and UK.

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