So much for the ‘New Man’ concept or the so called ‘metrosexual’, it seems that women are still turned on by a real man.

A study published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity (PMM, Division 51 of the American Psychological Association) claims that women see modesty in men as an evolutionary weakness and are therefore attracted to the macho man.

The study was based on the reactions of viewers watching footage of actors responding to questions in a job interview scenario. Where men showed any modesty they were less liked, but women showing modesty was not seen as a disadvantage.

The psychologist who led the study, Corinne Moss-Racusin, said “Historically and cross-culturally, men have been stereotyped as more independent and self-focused than women. Women are allowed to be weak while this trait is strongly prohibited in men”.

The study claims that modesty in men is seen as something that could adversely affect his earnings so is a poor male character trait.

Also, according to a survey by, many females still long to be a ‘kept woman’. In the survey 28% of respondents wanted their male partner to bring home the bacon for them to go out shopping.

This will have the feminists out in a real lather. But as a bloke does that mean that I will be viewed as weak by women if I help with the children, do the hoovering, get my hands wet in the washing up bowl and generally get to know my feminine side? Can I now safely belch and pass wind in public with the announcement that “I’m off down the Crown and Squirrel for couple of jars cos I’ve been hard at work all week” whilst leaving the harassed female at home to prepare my lunch?

Will this also please put us out of the embarrassing misery of ‘Manscara’ and 'Guyliner'?

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