Want some guidance on how to dress professionally for the office, the interview or those difficult social events ant work? Then take a look at the infographic below from newlook.com for some ideas on those all important business dress do’s and don’ts.

From short skirts to low cut dresses to jeans there are a host of potential dress code trip up points that you should bear in mind when choosing your outfit for the day.

And it’s not just the clothes, wet hair and unkempt toenails showing in open toed shoes may indicate problems with time management or cutting corners.

The message is to dress like you care for the occasion but also to dress for the job you want.

Ditch the accessories and the strong perfume or you risk making the wrong impression.

As Bianca Frazier once said: “Dress how you want to be addressed”.

So read on and get some tips on how to dress to impress in business.

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Business Attire for Women

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