Userful disrupts the video wall industry with yet another world's first:

a multi-source controller that drives up to 60 displays from a single PC with source content up to 6k

Userful Corporation, an industry leader in centralized display controller software, announces the release of Userful 8.5, a multi-source video wall controller that supports up to video walls of up to 60 displays with up to 6k resolution source content.

It is the first video wall solution to deliver 6k content in real time over a standard Ethernet network.  A single PC or server running Userful software is now able to support video walls of up to 60 screens through the network.


Userful's solution is unique in its ability to support such large video walls and such large content over the network from just one computer.  After making headlines in 2014 with its 4k network video wall, Userful has now changed the game again supporting up to 6K content from a single high-end gaming class PC.  Userful is able to deliver so much from a single PC by leveraging the additional compute power of add on GPUs.

Timothy Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, describes the excitement behind this new version, "For too long cost and complexity have been drags on the video wall market.  This release enables Userful's simple and affordable video wall solution to compete on scalability and features with some of the highest end and most expensive video wall controllers on the market. Enabling even very large multi-source video walls to be deployed with simplicity at a cost effective price point.  No more expensive brittle proprietary hardware, now all you need is a standard PC running Userful."

Additional features of note in this new release include:

• The world's first video wall controller with an embedded hypervisor enabling virtual machines to run natively on the video wall controller

• A mirroring feature enabling perfect synchronization across both network connected displays and video walls.

• Automated failover: the world's' first video wall to offer 100% automated high-availability failover for ultra demanding applications simply for the cost of a second PC (automatically takes over driving the video wall displays should the primary PC or server fail)

For more information on the Userful Network Video Wall or to order a risk-free trial kit, visit


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