The Remain campaigners keep saying that everyone now wants to Remain in the European Union (EU) and that we need a second EU referendum. Are they right?


The establishment and mainstream media continue to bombard us with Project Fear on a daily basis hoping to swing the mood of the country towards Remaining in the EU.

While the Remain campaigners keep on about the democratic need for another EU referendum, while completely and undemocratically ignoring the first one because it didn't fit their EU Superstate aims.

But what do the voters really think? Have they been taken in by Project Fear? Has there been a significant swing towards Remain?

Now, what follows will not come as good news for a Tory government intent on getting Brextension after Brextension. But it will explain the anger across the country and especially within the Tory party support base itself.

YouGov conducted a poll to find out if 2016 EU referendum voters had changed their minds and would switch their votes as a result.

The poll shows that, in the main people are happy with the way they voted although there has been a slight move towards the remain vote. But would that be enough to swing the balance in favour of the pro-EU side?

Looking at the figures, in the final analysis, 7% of Leave respondents said that they had changed their minds and would now vote to Remain, while 4% of Remain voters said they would now vote to Leave.

That translates into a swing towards Remain, but is it enough?

The outcome of this, if it were replicated across the country, would be:

16,837,640 votes for Leave


16,714,343 votes for Remain

That equates to a victory for the Brexiteers of 123,296 votes or by a 50.2% to 49.8% margin.

Now, you have to consider this against a backdrop of what has become almost hysterical 'project fear' doom-mongering, as well as an obviously Remain biassed media, especially the state media.

Couple that with some dodgy government projections of cliff edges and the like that never comes to pass, that are then further hyped up by the media looking for any negative anti-Brexit story they can peddle and the Remain establishment will be quite amazing that the UK voter has, in their eyes, remained so bloody-mindedly stubborn.

But it's not stubbornness, it's just that they made their mind up and the vast majority of people have not altered their views – despite 'Project Fear'.

Now, with figures like that a government would be crazy to order another referendum.

As, polling being what it is, unless you get a consistent set of huge majorities one way or the other you are placing yourself back into the hands of an unpredictable electorate.

And the only way to overturn the first referendum would be to have an equal or larger turnout from the same electoral base – that means no changing voting age and no fiddling with qualification criteria – as well as a definitive result the other way.

And, on this YouGov poll that is not evident.

And that is why the establishment, through the government, has set about this set of incremental Article 50 extensions, to first force us into having EU elections, which by the way have been ordered and called and are already running although there doesn't seem to be any government announcements about it, does there?

Then they will keep extending using one argument after another until an excuse can be found to revoke the Article 50 letter without having a troublesome referendum.

But EU parliamentary elections were always the litmus test.

Not having them would force the UK out of the EU.

Holding European elections means we are back in the fold.

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