Daily Brexit Update: Friday 7th September 2018

Next update Monday 10th September 2018

A no deal Brexit (in reality a WTO Brexit) will mean budget cuts warns the Chancellor.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond has hinted at budget cuts to come should the UK leave the EU without a deal in a WTO Brexit.

He told the BBC that: "In no-deal circumstances we would have to refocus government priorities so that government was concentrated on the circumstances that we found ourselves." This came after a document Treasury Minister John Glen was carrying was caught on film by a photographer, which showed some aspects of the no-deal Brexit contingency plans in 'Operation Yellowhammer'. This included the instruction that pay fro no-deal Brexit preparation via 'internal reprioritisation'.

Didn't we hear something similar from George Osborne just before the EU Referendum in 2016?

Writing in the Guardian, Gary Younge compares looking back to the days before Trump and Brexit with 'Shrek Forever After'. "In pursuit of one enormous do-over, they want Trump impeached and another Brexit vote. Like Shrek, they want to return to a time 'when the world made sense'." He writes.

Well, that says to me that the Remain reactionaries just want to get back to the good old days while Leavers are looking to the future!

Brexit will be a kick up the rear for business – disruption will lead to better business (video):

Here we have Brexiteer Tory MEP putting the record straight on Northern Ireland Trade:

While the Guardian reports that Irish border issues can be dealt with quickly and easily. "Ireland is hoping to seal a special Brexit side deal in Brussels allowing it to continue using the UK as a “land bridge” for goods in transit to Dublin without border checks, a senior Irish tax official has revealed."

How about repaying the UK national debt by 2030?

Finally, the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tells us about the 'rent-a-mob' crowd:

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