Daily Brexit Update: Wednesday the 8th August 2018

Now here's a turn-up for the book. According to the Guardian the EU might miss out on getting vital medicines from the UK in a no-deal WTO Brexit scenario.

"Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has said patients in the European Union may not be able to receive vital medicines from the UK if the company does not successfully prepare for a no-deal Brexit." Says the report.

Now, how on earth does that fit the Remoaner narrative?

In what I see as a misguided piece in Bloomberg, the Editorial Board says that the EU should clear the way for a Brexit reversal, so the UK can have a second referendum and everything will go back to how it was.

But now the people of the UK has seen the EU for what it is, the indications are they are not for turning!

Also, the idea that the EU would let the UK back in on its current terms is totally laughable, the UK would be required to sign everything away (probably in secret).

But the Labour Party leadership is now under pressure to change tack and back a second EU Referendum.

"Labour Party activists are trying to force a debate on the issue at its annual conference in Liverpool next month. If they succeed — and there are still some hurdles — a second plebiscite that could potentially reverse Brexit becomes much more likely." Says Bloomberg.

Arch Remainer Lib Dem Paddy Ashdown said on Radio 4 something about political uncertainty:

Some think that free speech in the UK is now becoming something we used to enjoy, I would argue that recent events have shown that we never really had freedom of expression in the country. And it has been the vast increase in the use of social media that highlighted the free speech vacuum and the 'establishment' is now intent on putting the genie back in the bottle!

LBC's James O'Brien has a good conversation with an expert (video), the main point being – there has never been a deal to be done:

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