Wyclef Jean is to announce his candidacy for the Haitian presidency on CNN's Larry King show.

The former Fugees star who previously stated that he had no political intentions has decided that, in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, there is a change in circumstances for the country which require Haiti to move into the 21st century which further requires a greater sense of urgency in realising.

The outgoing president Rene Preval is not allowed to to re-run for the presidency for a third consecutive term in Haitian law but it is the same law that requires any candidate for president to be resident in Haiti for at least five years and never having been a resident in another country, which may conflict with the legitimacy of Jean's running for president seeing as Wyclef lives in New York.

The Haitian election, which is set for the 28th of November, was not on his agenda and he would have waited 10 years until considering running for the presidency were it not for the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti.

In a country where half the population is under 21 years of age, Wyclef is Haiti's most recognisable and loved celebrity both for his music and his position as Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti  (a title given to him by president Rene Preval).

The Haitian nation is also disillusioned with politicians and an outsider like Wyclef is not viewed with the same disdain as held against existing politicians.

Only time will tell if he succeeds in winning over these disillusioned voters and being allowed to run for president.

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