The sheer fact that politicians are considering resorting to 'X-Factor politics' should be a clear indication to the rest of us mere mortals that the political classes are completely disconnected from the rest of us.

The Guardian reports that the Leader of the Commons, Sir George Young, wants to get on with 'government by petition' in 2011.

The idea here is that the great unwashed will put forward proposals for bulls and the most popular will be given debating time in the great Palace of Westminster to be debated by the great and good. The hope then will be that the electorate will see their proposals being listened to.

What conclusion do we draw from this? That politicians bring proposals to cater for their own little whims or the needs of their mates? If they aren't proposing and voting on laws for our benefit at the moment then for whom are they doing it?

Well, the first stumbling blocks would be how do they make sure that the two or three most popular topics are kept subdued and under wraps. The first is the return of capital punishment, the second the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the third why do we send so much dosh abroad?

The government will soon find themselves spending more time on preventing debates than getting on and constructively debating anything meaningful. It may well do more to highlight how out of touch politicians are than proving how connected they want to be seen as.

And if the political classes think they can somehow pull the wool over out eyes with this manoeuvre then they will be sorely disappointed. As the Guarduan piece points out "There would be no guarantee that the government would support the most popular proposals but, subject to discussions, there would be an agreement that the issues would be converted by parliamentary draftsmen into a bill". Words printed on paper to prove they are listening but with no government backing.

Call me cynical but what I suspect will happen is that we will end up with a two tier law making system (as if one doesn't already exist). One superior route for the politicians to do 'serious law-making' and an inferior route full of elephant traps and obstacles for anything else.

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