People have many varied questions regarding mortgages. It seems that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is not even a one bank fits all circumstances solution.

Ronan Marrion, a mortgage consultant from Worldwide Financial Planning, has answered some of these in our forums.

I am self employed and have been told that it will be impossible for me to get a mortgage because there is no such thing as 'self certification' anymore. Is this true? …… (

'My wife and I sold our home 3 years ago, pre the house price crash thankfully, and have had the capital in the bank ever since then. We have not been able to find a house we like in all this time, but a friend mentioned to us about buying a plot, then we could build our dream home exactly as we wanted! We would not have enough funds to buy the plot and do all the build works so my question is, can you get a self build mortgage? And, if so, what is different about it than a normal mortgage?' …. (

'How much can you borrow these days for a mortgage? I know it used to be around 3.5 times your joint income, but is there any way to know the maximum I could potentially borrow if I wanted to? I am looking for a pretty large mortgage but the normal affordability doesn't suit me at all as my earnings come in a few different formats.' ….. (

'I am a first time buyer and looking to purchase my first home. My parents are willing to help me out if they can and we have heard about guarantor style mortgages, what are they?' ….. (

'Can you still get a 'Buy To Let' mortgage? Everyone says there are very few of these types of mortgages around and any that are available are hard to get!' …. (

The above questions are an example of the real queries that he is asked every day. Questions to which he has answers. There are many more to be found in our forums, please click on 'CLUB' in the menu above.

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