With technology ever improving, perhaps too fast for our own good sometimes, many companies and developers have turned to the world of beta. Google’s, already quite impressive browser, Chrome, has been propelled at great speeds into the next league than that of its original beta version.

In comparison to other browsers available to us to help surf the net, well, someone’s strapped a jet engine and a few nitrous boosters to this particular surfboard’s undercarriage! We see many an update and very frequently they find their ways to our machines, sometimes not. But this new beta browser is bounding along the super highway in comparison to its former self and, with a massive 30-35% improvement on an already speedy service, I can see this little lovely zipping its way to the top of the popularity charts at great speeds and ending up in a hell of a lot of computers.

With the more capable Chrome and via a Google account you will have the chance to sync your browsers with all machines you choose to use. So when you’re round your friend’s house hogging their PC you can access all your bookmarked sites without crawling round cyberspace for hours to find your desired sites. I for one am considering building a small shrine in the living room to the browser for that reason alone! So, no more flash drives and such like to remember when you’re off out, as all your settings such as applications , themes and browsing history is all there inside you Google account, along with the copious amounts of other Google bits and bobs that you already use.

You will also like the excess time you find yourself in possession of with due to the drag and drop file system inside the browser keeping all your other apps company. Then you will find a nice little companionship existing between the new Chrome and the Adobe flash player plug in. Along with this you will have other html5 lovelies like an app cache, web sockets and geolocation APIs. Even if you do not particularly like the chrome format, I strongly suggest you let this little guy take up some disk space as with the book mark system you can access another browser such as Opera or Safari and have Chrome there for a bookmark reference!

My biggest problem is my multi-tabbing addiction. For some reason I am unable to go past a link without giving it its own tab to be viewed later on. That is if I ever get that far, the internet is quite a big place after all, and there are more than a couple of links to find as you pass through. Many of my browsers simply cannot keep up with my browsing habits and told me where to go and left my screen in protest. However what is worse than a crash is a go slow! This is because you are not sure how long, or if your browser will pull its Error! Hyperlink reference not valid self together and stop having a tantrum or not. So this wastes valuable time that could be spent hmmm… opening more tabs for example. I shall make it my personal mission to see just how many tabs this beta can handle before it also gets fed up with me. So Mr Chrome-beta2, be prepared to meet insanity Jane at the clock tower at high noon for a ‘showdown a la slowdown’, from what I have been told I might not be able to keep up with you! Well chrome I challenge you to a duel!

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