With the average parent planning to spend £55…it’s no treat for the bank balance

A survey by voucher code and money saving site savoo.co.uk has revealed that this Halloween looks set to be an expensive one, particularly for young parents who claim they feel pressured to splash out.

With Halloween taking place at the end of this month, and predominantly being a celebration enjoyed by children, Savoo surveyed over 2,000 parents in Britain to find out if they will be spending money on the occasion and what they will be spending on.

A massive 85% of parents said that they will be spending money, with 50% saying that they would be spending more than they did last year. 40% said they would be spending about the same and only 10% said they would be spending less. The average spend per parent in the UK will be £55.00.

Parents between the ages of 20-30 will be spending the most, splashing out £64.00 on average. 70% of this category also admitted that they felt pressured to spend more than they can afford on the occasion to please their kids and to compete with other parents.
Savoo also asked respondents what they would be spending the most money on.

Halloween costumes will be the biggest expense, followed by decorations:

Halloween 2 (PD)1. Costumes

2. Decorations

3. Treats

4. Party food

5. Face paint

6. Other

Ed Fleming, Head of PR and Partnerships at Savoo commented:

“Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year, in terms of both popularity and cost. And young parents, in particular, feel they have to splash out on lavish costumes and treats to keep their kids happy. The fact that Halloween falls on Friday this year too will probably encourage people to spend more.”

The research also revealed:

• 60% of parents dread Halloween

• The celebrity that respondents would most like to “trick” is Simon Cowell

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