Looking to become an accountant in the UK but unsure of what you need to do to go down this demanding and rewarding career path? Then look no further, myfuturerole.com has produced a guide that takes you through the process.

This shows what qualifications you need and what roles you might fill from the junior to senior levels as your career progresses.

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Accountancy Career Guide Chart

Money really does make the world go round and, as such accountants are often lucky enough to find themselves in great demand. But how do you get into the fast-paced world of accountancy? What are the various paths you can take and what qualifications do you need to get under your belt before you can get your foot firmly on the accountancy career ladder? Take a look at this Accountancy Career Spotligfht infographic provided by myfuturerole.com to see what you need to do to get the job you want.

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