Your Golf Travel Company founders Ross Marshall and Andrew Harding, with the support of their Business Life Magazine and British Airways are seeking to invest £30,000 as capital for an upcoming talented entrepreneur to start their own business.

The two are considered as entrepreneurs who have made it in the travel industry, which is filled with various innovations and investments and has for so many years been rated, top both in the online and technology space. This explains why they are eager to see young entrepreneurs in the sector grow, even to the level of one of Britain's greatest entrepreneur's Sir Richard Branson, who has always been passionate about sending more and more people to space.

Business Offices -

Business Offices –

Ross and Andrew launched in 2005 when both were at a tender age of 24 using the £30,000 they had raised from credit cards as capital. Their first office was a bedroom in Wimbledon and the two were the only starting workforce. The company has however grown successfully over years and is rated the largest golf travel company in the world. This year alone, over 300,000 golfers hitting fairways on 3,000 courses across 22 countries have made their bookings through Your Golf Travel Company.

The duo also own other sister companies including that was launched in 2008 and in 2011. They have enjoyed rapid success with their sales having hit the £1 million mark in 2006 and forecasted to being about £70m this year.

The ideal entrepreneur will be selected through the Big Idea Competition and interested parties can submit their business plans through the Business Life Website. Each participant's focus, drive and creativity will be tested, as well as their ability to build a fast growing business amongst the group of companies that are owned by Ross and Andrew.

Besides being given the capital to start a new company, the winner will be taken through a 6-month mentorship program by Andrew and Rose, and will be taught on the essentials of starting and running a business, including what should or should not be done. During this time, Business Life will follow up on the winner's progress until the launch of the new company is realized.

Andrew and Ross think that the competition is the perfect way to determine the right person and wish that such an opportunity had been presented to them when they started their first company eight years ago. However the experience gathered over time provides a perfect platform for the winner to start on their new project. In golf terms, Andrew promised to 'ensure the competition winner chooses the right clubs to hit off the tee and find the right line on the greens to sink the putts'. From July—September, BA Business Life is looking for a big idea. Therefore if you think your business idea has the potential of making you a star in what’s Your Big Idea? Competition feels free to submit your business plan for consideration. The best idea for a travel or leisure business will win £30,000 worth of investment from the team behind For more information, plus terms and conditions, see

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