Boost your YouTube channel video views with Tube Buddy, the YouTube certified tool the big boys use

This article is not intended as a ‘how to’ guide, but more as a short Tube Buddy review or overview for those who are unfamiliar with it. You can check out Tube Buddy yourself by clicking here. And for clarification, Tube Buddy has not paid me for this article, although I am a Tube Buddy affiliate.

As a YouTube creator, do you often ask yourself questions like “how can I increase my YouTube video views” or “how do I boost my YouTube channel” or “how do I get more YouTube subscribers”, then the YouTube certified ‘Tube Buddy’ could be the solution you are looking for.

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Many YouTube Creators are looking for effective ways to conduct their YouTube marketing. But the basis is always how to:

  1. get more Youtube views
  2. get more YouTube likes
  3. get more YouTube subscribers

So, you’ve crafted the best possible video you can, but then disappointingly it only gets a smattering of YouTube views and your video doesn’t achieve the reach you believe it deserves. So, as a budding YouTuber you want to get more YouTube viewers.

Now, you could spend hours trawling the web for clues and answers on how to get more exposure. But if, like me, you have little spare time, then give the free to download and use Tube Buddy a try. It packages all the YouTube best practices into one bundle and also makes the platform easier to use and navigate. Further, it can also help promote your videos outside of YouTube.

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What is Tube Buddy?

The first point to note is that Tube Buddy is not some sort of hack, it is certified for use by YouTube itself, so it works seamlessly and natively with the video platform. This also makes sure that it is very easy and intuitive to use. Also, as with any product of this type, you do get free access to a lot of easy to understand learning materials.

Tube Buddy is a browser extension that is free to download and use. After installing it on your computer, the next time you navigate to YouTube you will find a whole host of new buttons and shortcuts on the YouTube pages.

Although the basic tools of Tube Buddy are free, you can if you wish pay for added extensions that will further enhance your ability to increase your YouTube growth.

What does Tube Buddy Do?

I’ll start this bit by telling you what Tube Buddy is not. It is NOT a way to turn rubbish content into viral videos. Just like the rest of the internet, content is king, but what Tube Buddy can do is make sure you’ve optimised the chances of your video content being found and watched. It is a YouTube specific Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool, but it is also much more.

Tube Buddy is a tool that helps make sure you have followed YouTube best practice. Not only does it remind you to look at the basics like the title, description, thumbnail and tags, it goes further in helping you select the right tags for your video.

Tube Buddy is also an internal navigation aid. Most Youtube creators would agree that YouTube’s navigation system isn’t always the best, but Tube Buddy improves on this by supplying the user with handy shortcuts that takes you straight to the place you want to go. It is worth installing for this feature alone.

Tube Buddy Short CutsTube Buddy provides quick short cuts (click to expand image)

Tube Buddy also lets you easily see what tags successful YouTube videos in your niche are using, as well as estimated earnings for that particular video! Now that must be worth having!

Tube Buddy helps you promote your YouTube videos across the web by providing you with shortened links and embed codes that you can use on websites and in E-mails to drive traffic to your most recent and most popular videos or even to your channel. It can even give you a pop-up subscribe link.

Time saver – Work Less, Create More

Tube Buddy is a time saver for video creators. It saves you time doing all that behind the scenes post production stuff and helping you with your YouTube growth by aiding you get more views and increase your subscriber base, thus giving you time back to put into your next video.

Tube Buddy has helped me to fine tune my small niche YouTube Channel, it won’t make me into an overnight star, but it will make sure that everything I do on Youtube is grounded on best practice and sound SEO principles.

Tube Buddy Affiliate Programme

Tube Buddy also runs its own affiliate programme with links and banners (like the ones on this page) allowing you to earn money or other benefits such as free membership levels.

All this is just a flavour of what Tube Buddy can do, it can also do much more.

My advice is to download and try the free version and see if you can increase YouTube views, increase Youtube likes and increase YouTube subscribers. After all, what have you got to lose?

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