Do you love cooking yet prefer a multimedia experience over cut and dry recipes and cookbooks? YouTube, among the world’s most popular online destinations, hosts a wide range of channels dedicated to the culinary arts.

Among famous and YouTube-famous authors, any person with a knack for cooking and the attitude for entertaining can educate and provide content. For example, Hannah Hart, hosts My Drunk Kitchen, a huge hit among watchers, with over 1 million subscribers and growing (see the infographic from YTD below). Hannah provides visual culinary education as well as drunken banter to keep fans captivated and coming back for additional segments.

Does entertaining and educating the masses sound interesting to you? It’s easy to sign up, get familiar with the platform, and start making your own videos from a high-grade camera, iPad, or video phone. If you already have a Google or Gmail account, it’s easy to take the next steps in choosing a niche and naming your channel. Think like a marketer as well as a chef. If videos do well and you gather over 10,000 channel subscribers, you will qualify for YouTube’s Partner program, incentive to create more videos and make money for doing it.

Do you have the talent and culinary expertise to become the next Jamie Oliver or Alton Brown? Watch other cooking channels; keep the content unique, fresh, and coming; and listen to the audience in regard to wants and feedback to be a hit. Experts limit videos to under ten minutes; use various additional platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote videos; and use YouTube’s video thumbnail to attract browsers and eventual visitors to channels.

YouTube is the place for ‘foodies’ to get their culinary knowledge, watch other chefs, and learn new techniques. Additionally, those brave, entertaining, and charismatic enough to produce their own videos, attract a huge following and subsequent income. Alton Brown has over 50,000 followers; can you out-chef him? It’s free to try, and reportedly fun to do, considering the thousands of channels dedicated to the art of cooking.

YTD infographic

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