The shadow welfare secretary has accused the coalition government of putting together a budget that will adversely affect women. Reported in the Guardian, a gender audit commissioned by Yvette Cooper and carried out by the Commons library shows that over 70% of any revenue raised will come from female taxpayers.

Yvette Cooper told the Guardian "Women are bearing nearly three-quarters of the Tory-Liberal plans, while men are bearing just a quarter. This is despite the fact that women's income and wealth is still considerably lower than men's. Even more significant, this doesn't include the impact of public spending cuts. As women make up more of the public sector workforce they will be more heavily hit by the public sector pay freeze and the projected 600,000 net public sector job losses."

She went on to say that not only would the cuts to family benefits hurt women most (for example 94% of child benefit recipients are female) but on a weighted basis women will also lose out on the change to using CPI for assessing benefits and tax credits.

Cooper also said that any departmental cuts made would also be “likely to disproportionately hit women” as they made up more of the public sector workforce.

"David Cameron” she said “promised the most family-friendly government ever. Yet they have just launched the fiercest attack on family support in the history of the welfare state. This budget seems to be reaching back to a pre-war approach to families. They've cut support for children more savagely than anything else so far, with billions of pounds being cut from child benefit, child tax credits, maternity support and child trust funds."

The report seems to make no mention of families and how the money received by them is derived and shared. Especially in the case of child benefit.

But to put this another way, what the report may well be telling us is that government support is weighted towards women by a factor or 70% to 30% in the first place.

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